The basis for successful utilisation of your invention is an early and well considered protection against competitors and imitations. The team at Jell Patent Attorney prepares an individual strategy together with you, and offers you technical and legal support in all matters of commercial property rights associated with patents, utility models, trademarks and designs. This also includes research activities, patent monitoring, preparation of expert appraisals or the drafting of licence contracts. In addition, we can also draw on many years of successful collaboration with national colleagues virtually anywhere in the world.

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    Patents, utility models

    Patents protect technical solutions: objects (product, device) and activities (method, use). Apart from certain formal requirements in the filing, they must fulfil the criteria of novelty, inventive step and commercial applicability. In the course of the official examination, it is ensured that patents are only granted for inventions that meet these criteria. Legally, a patent is a territorially and temporally limited exclusion right (monopoly) that authorises its owner to exclude third parties from it.
    In addition to a patent, a utility model is another possibility to protect a technical invention. The filing requirements are essentially the same as those for a patent filing, but a utility model filing is not subjected to the same granting procedure. A major advantage is the fact that in some countries a utility model right can still be obtained even after publication of the invention, thus protecting it from third parties.


    Your trademark allows you to convey values to your customers – because recognition turns an anonymous product into a unique article.

    A trademark protects the identity and individuality as well as the image of your company (corporate identity) and product, and is therefore not only an indispensable marketing instrument, but also often an important element of the goodwill.

    Since it is uniqueness that makes a trademark valuable, attention should be paid from an early stage on to make sure that competitors do not assimilate it. This is done by registering the trademark, which can usually be done without complications and at relatively low costs if the filing is well prepared. The entry in the trademark register makes it considerably easier to proceed against possible copycats who want to have a share of your success.


    Design protection refers to the aesthetic design of a product, i.e. how the product is perceived visually. This specific property of a product is very important for arousing emotions and stimulating its purchase. Therefore it is often advisable, at least in a company’s core countries, to protect your creative activities from copycats in time, for instance with the relatively low-cost registration of a Community design that is valid for the entire EU.

    With the help of a registered design, you can protect the colouring and shaping design of virtually any industrially or non-industrially manufacturable products – e.g. graphic symbols, articles of clothing, packaging, tools, but also their components. A valid registration can convey the exclusive right to use the design – and to forbid third parties to use it in the production, sale, import or export of products.



    We examine your development in detail in order to analyse its core points, and we advise you on all your commercial property right options.

    • Initial consultation (free of charge)
    • Analysis and research
    • Filing strategy


    In order to obtain the best possible protection for you, we regard implementation of the discussed strategy as a continuous communication process.

    • Preparation and submission
    • Granting and registration procedure
    • Follow-up registrations (worldwide)

    Follow-up support

    Patents and trademarks have a long lifetime! We handle the relevant deadlines and take all the steps necessary in order to maintain your property rights for you.

    • Maintenance of your property rights
    • Licensing
    • Assertion of your rights


    The firm Jell Patent Attorney was founded in 2010 and is domiciled in Linz, in the immediate vicinity of the Chamber of Economics.
    A technical and natural science team consisting of experts from mechatronics and electrical engineering right through to pharmaceuticals is there to support you.

    Patent attorney Friedrich Jell has many years of industrial experience with Austria Micro Systems AG (, Siemens AG ( and Texas Instruments (, which can contribute towards finding customised solutions in virtually all areas of commercial property rights.

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